Export Development Bank in Shiraz


Employer: Export Development Bank in Shiraz
place: شیراز

In an architectural design competition held by the construction engineering office of the Export Development Bank in Aban 1379 (October 2000), Atec Consultants won the design award for the Shiraz Branch of Export Development Bank and then started the preliminary and detailed design.
Total built-up area of the building is 1956 m² and the project land measuring 750 m² is located on Zand St. in Shiraz.
Form, dimensions and finally width of the land allow for two views: northern and southern.
There are six floors above ground plus a basement which is of several uses.
In comparison to the ground floor and first floor, the structure and limits of residential units on upper floors show a rotation and a dual character in structure which is initiated from the architectural vision to the project to indicate both different uses and the nature of the two functions.

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