Abadeh Airport’s New Terminal And Control Tower


Employer: Iranian Airport Organization
place: ُShiraz

Abadeh’s Airport project includes the location finding process and the first and second phase of design of the passenger terminal, control tower, technical block and the central motor house. Initial studies contained leveling process revision which was agreed upon by the client and so was completed. With an area of 2800 square meters, the passenger terminal has the capacity of 180 passengers in its peak hour. Improved design based on lessening the necessary planes of the building and for it to have the ability to develop further later on are some of the advantages of this design.
The control tower building with a height of 30 meters and the technical block with an area of about 800 square meters, which is adjacent to the control tower, contain navigational facilities. To provide the need of utilities for the passenger terminal and the technical block alongside auxiliary buildings, a motor house was designed next to the passenger terminal. This motor house is attached to the above mentioned facilities through utility canals.

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