Petrochemical Residential Complex


Employer: National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC)
place: jam
During the commissioning of the biggest oil-gas-petrochemical project in Pars Special Energy Economic Zone (PSEEZ) in Asalouyeh on the shore of Persian Gulf, the issue of staff settlement was brought up with the result of Pardis Residential Complex, at the capacity of approximately 3700 residential units, as a solution to part of the needs. Total area of Petrochemical Staff Complex is 339 ha with 58 ha designated for the spaces required by settlers. The whole complex is designed to house 18,000 populations. The units are designed in four classes A, B, C, and D in 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units to be used by senior managers, engineers, and other staff. Other functions are landscape (20%), paths and walkways (26%) and service areas (14%). The focus has been on the use of local and traditional construction materials such as wash cement, brick elevation and natural rustic stone as and when they meet the requirements of design. Also maintaining the natural fabric and grasslands has been always of high significance.

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