Chamestan Recreational And Tourism Complex


Employer: Shahed Improvement & Development Company
place: Mazandaran
The location of Chamestan’s recreational and tourist complex is 16 kilometers west of Amol province and 6 kilometers to Chamestan city with a rustic route dividing the area into 3. In contract’s terms 960 thousand square meters will be constructed in regards of tourism, recreational and residential purposes. One of the main functionalities of this complex is targeted design in tourism development in terms of residential, hydrotherapy clinic, cultural, trading/sports, agricultural tourism and … The existing routes, vistas of jungles south of the site, the surrounding farms, the existing creeks and ditches… are the backbones of the design. In the initiation phase, more than 850000 square meters of the existing 332000 square meters will be constructed (an area of 17%). The number of employees is about 2400 people and the permanent residents are estimated at a number of 21300 people

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