Kish Olympic Complex


Employer: Kish Free Zone Organization
place: Kish

The project began with some strategic studies in which the following items are incorporated: a definition of scope of the project; extent of sports activities; possibility of adding new fields in order to develop sports tourism; sports competitions at national and regional level.
Kish Olympic Sport Complex contains a football stadium, an indoor swimming pool, tennis training and tennis match courts, an indoor squash hall, three indoor non ball sport halls. These areas are taken for renovation and improvement plans only.
In the project, also is included the construction of a weightlifting hall, housing for sports teams, as well as Sports Tourism Management School.
The existence of an equestrian facility and Harireh Ancient City in the vicinity of Kish Olympic Sport Complex gives a special chance to future development projects in Kish Island.
The land of the project is about 50 hectares and the halls and sports fields cover an area of about 25,000 square meters.

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