Pasargad Bank Headquarters


Employer: Pasargad Bank
place: Tehran

Pasargad Bank headquarters building, located in Mir Damad Ave., has 20 office floors on the ground floor and 8 stories underground. On the ground floor, the building connects two avenues of Mir Damad and Daman Afshar via a city plaza. The Bank’s central branch is on the ground floor and floors 8 and 11 have roof gardens.
The bank’s 10-storey old building is located in the vicinity of the new one with their facades connected and the two buildings being linked together in some floors. The ground floor also contains a cafe bank and a currency exchange. The office building consists of two wings: North and South. The north wing is for management and the south wing is dedicated to the staff and open office spaces. Dining is located on the first floor. The design has an approach to sustainability and eco-friendly architecture. In the basement, some parking floors provide mechanized parking system.
Like other high-rise buildings there is a helicopter pad. The last two floors (19 and 20) are dedicated to the management. Throughout the floors, green and semi-open spaces are combined with other spaces. The central treasury is located in this building. The property includes an auditorium with a capacity of 200 people and around 600 car-parking spaces.

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