Lamerd Special Economic Zone


Employer: Iran Mines Development and Renovation Organization
place: Lamerd

Having abundant oil reserves is a privilege that our country enjoys well. Establishment of Lamerd Special Economic Zone in the south of Fars province with an area of ​​5700 hectares along with huge gas reservoirs of Shanol, Oravi, Homa, Tabnak and Parsian gas refinery in line with the country’s development goals, in addition to creating an attractive industrial and economic zone creates employment and sustainable development In all aspects in the south of the country, the plan to complete detailed studies and design the first and second stages, urban planning, civil, water, sewage, green space, irrigation, studies of office buildings and… as well as high-level and resident supervision and staff services and Follow-up of investor attraction and review of studies of justification plans, holding tenders and other related services during the years 94 to 98 has been the responsibility of these consulting engineers.

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