Baharan International Park


Employer: Cooperation Organization of Sistan and Baluchestan
place: Chabahar

This project is in the south of Chabahaar and adjacent to the ocean and in regards of natural tourism and beach and ocean vistas have a unique condition.The infrastructure’s area is 16400 square meters and includes many outstanding elements such as: Nation’s friendship house and the memorial tower of Chabahaar. Iranian Nation’s House. Soothing pong and Tourism center of sea-related healing methods specially Thalassotherapy. Nation’s Food grand complex. Beach Sports Hotel. Cricket open courts. Indoor Sport fields. Video game and simulator center. Indoor skating and tennis courts (in tents).Camping site. Bay side and supporting beach tourism spaces. The client of this project was Chabahaar’s municipality and so it is of utmost importance to the governor and Chabahaar’s free-zone authorities

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