Esfandiar Trade-Office Center


place: Tehran

Esfandiar Trade-Office Center, located at intersection of Valie Asr avenue, Niayesh highway and Esfandiar street, was designed by Atec Consultants in 2019. Land of this complex is 7,000 m2, and its built-up area is 80,000 m2 in 11 stories and 8 basements, and comprised of the following parts:

  • Trade center on ground and first floor, including big shopping stores
  • South office tower, small offices
  • North office tower, big offices

Trade center on ground floor is linked to Valie Asr avenue and Esfandiar street via two impermeable porches, along Valie Asr avenue and Esfandiar street, and a big plaza at the intersection of these two thoroughfares, with an area of 2,170 m2, and not only it provides access to these thoroughfares, but also gives the opportunity to hold various public activities as well.

Leveling of the project based on natural slope of land (height different of 10 m between start and end of project) not only provides ease of access in the best stories and maximizes length of trade space in contact with peripheral thoroughfares, but also reduces height and consequently shadow of south tower on north buildings.

Façade’s design, building materials, and colors (GFRC panels and smoked glasses) combined with today’s architectural expression are aimed at being in connection with historical background of this part of Valie Asr avenue (between Vanak square to Parkway crossroads) as one of the modern architectural centers of Tehran.

Double-skin façade of the project is used to remind historical background of the site on one side (Mercedes Benz showroom’s building with white lattice concrete blocks), and promote a modern architectural identity for office buildings in Esfandiar street (in harmony with several high-quality buildings with double skin façade constructed in recent years on this street). Furthermore, black and white strips are used at south tower façade to be in visual and conceptual harmony with Noor Clinic.

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