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  • Studies and preparation of various alternatives for architectural concept design, structure, electricity and mechanical facilities. Landscape and views, civil engineering, low voltage power equipment design
  • Studies and initial design of architecture, structure, electricity and mechanical facilities Landscape and views, civil engineering, low voltage power equipment design
  • Studies, preparation of execution plans in all required fields along with all technical specifications, material and execution methods based on initial design.
  • Specialized estimation of material and equipment in all sections.
  • Preparation of tender notice and bid documents plus complete documents for purchasing material, goods and services
  • Revision of design in required projects based on economic analysis and feasibility study between work and employer’s preferences.
  • Supply and delivery of design using latest engineering software including BIM modelling using Revit software
  • Carrying out complete structural and HVAC calculations using latest software
  • Use of unique specialized software to elevate the level of accuracy and design quality and eventually execution complying with numerical computation software such as CFD.


Preparation of architectural engineering design of construction projects from the earliest stage of idea creation to the end (Execution plans plus details) the main business and expertise of Atech consulting is backed up by many years of experience in this field plus highest ranks obtained from official and valid evaluation centers.


Sara Haghdin
Contract Affairs Manager
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